Oriental Bellydancer from Japan

Nabila started classical ballet lessons at the age of eight, and grew up listening to music such as Okinawan classics…., Latin and Jazz music in Yokohama.
She was influenced by her grandfather who was a singer and Sanshin(Okinawan traditional three-stringed guitar)player and also her father who was living in South America.

In Junior High School She belonged to rhythmic gymnastics club, in High School she belonged to Jazz club and in University She joined the cheerleading club.
Throughout this time She continued her ballet studies. 
She learned about many kinds of music and dance, and performed live on many concerts and competitions.

In university She studied sports sociology and began researching Ethnic dance, choosing “Dance and Society” as her graduation thesis theme. While at university she visited Paris, London, Vienna, Brisbane, Los Angels and Bankok etc… to study Ethnic dance, ballet and Jazz dance as a student.

In 1997, on a trip to Turkey, She came across Oriental dance (belly dancing). The following year in February she started Oriental dance with MAHA as her teacher. Her debut as an Oriental dancer was in June 2001, at a Lebanese restaurant. She also danced in the events of Al Camarani danse Oriental company.

Nabila attended several workshops run by World-renowned Oriental dancers visiting Japan: In 2000 a workshop taught by Kamellia (from Paris); 2003 BEATA & HORACIO (from Germany); 2005 AMANI (from Lebanon). She also visited Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Quarter, Syria, Jordan, Greece, Malta, Spain, Hungary, Russia and India with a view to submerging herself in Oriental and Gypsy dance and to gain appreciation of the music in these countries.

In 2006 while home-staying in Istanbul, She spent 2 weeks taking private Oriental dance tuition from Hale Sultan. The following year she took part in the 3rd ALATURKA MIDDLE EASTERN DANCE & MUSIC FESTIVAL which was held in Istanbul. Here she studied Turkish Oriental, Egyptian Oriental, Roma and Turkish Folklore dance, taking classes with TAYYAR AKDENIZ, SAHRA SAEEDA, ARTEMIS MOURAT, SEHNAZ, REYHAN TUZSUZ and HALE SULTAN, interacting with dancers from around the world.
In 2009 and 2010 she visited Turkey and Greece where she sought more guidance from the local dancers and friends.

At present she is trying to develop as a dancer performing in Jazz bars, Restaurants, Company parties, Wedding Parties, Hotels, N.P.O.-organized events, retirement homes etc. in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Recently Nabila is actively trying to incorporate other dance genres into her repertoire.
She's not only doing Turkish and Arabic music dance performances on stage, but also going back to her childhood and introducing classical, Latin, Jazz, Celtic and Okinawan music into her performances.

Through Dance and Travel She intends to expose herself to as much life experience as possible, becoming as full a person as she can.


Nabila is a fusion of her own name, and the Arabic word for “Noble”.



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